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Our Services

Embedded Systems Development
We have extensive experience in taking embedded microcontroller projects from initial concept through production and on-going maintenance. We can help with specific tasks or manage entire projects.

Business Application Development
Need a little utility, some modifications to an in-house application, or a multi-tier distributed system, we're here to help.  Our focus is on getting you the information you need when you need it.  Our specialty is data communications.  We can automate the exchange of data between computers to minimize your work and maximize your productivity.

Open Source Customization
Unless you are developing a proprietary product for resale, it makes sense to build upon others' contributions.  There are thousands of open source projects world-wide and many of them can be adapted to your needs far more efficiently than starting from scratch or building utilities around a proprietary application.

Web Site Production
Small or large, we work to make your site a success. We provide copy writing, HTML coding, scripting, and basic graphics and we work with graphics designers for more complex layouts.

Technical Writing
Whether you need on-line help, a printed manual, or help with a newsletter, we're at your service.

Training and Support
Our technical background combined with our writing and speaking skills allows us to quickly prepare customized instruction for a particular audience and to help users with specific problems.

We'll combine embedded controllers with artificial intelligence and basic mechanics to develop independent or remotely controlled manipulators, rovers, and other robotic devices.

Our Rates

We take pride in quoting a fixed price on development projects. You'll know up front what it'll cost and we'll guarantee your satisfaction.

Our consulting rates are (in Canadian dollars):

  • $120 per hour to
  • $720 per day to 
  • $3000 per week to
  • $10000 per month

Contact us today for a free consultation.

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