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We are always looking for people with skills that complement our group. If you feel that you could contribute to our team, please email us your resume or a link to it, a description of what you would like to do, and some examples of your work if applicable. We'll acknowledge your application and keep it on file for at least a year. If something comes up that fits your profile, we'll see if you're available and interested. Please let us know if you will no longer be available.

Please don't telephone us concerning jobs. We have work to do and phone calls interrupt the work flow. Instead, register with us by email and then watch for updates here. We'll let you know when something comes up.

Feel free to spread the word. If you find a project that you want to manage yourself but could use additional skills or manpower, let us know and we'll arrange to subcontract with you. Otherwise you can pass the project to us and subcontract for the area of your specialty. If you find a project outside of your specialty, we can arrange to pay you a finders fee.

The Fine Print

These are strictly subcontract positions for projects on an as-needed basis. Subcontractors are expected to carry their own professional liability insurance and other insurance coverage as appropriate. Subcontractors will be required to sign a subcontractor agreement to cover any work performed in association with Guy Lancaster Computer Consultants and will be expected to adhere to the ICCA's Code of Ethics and Standards and Practices.

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