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New 3D Printer

Build Platform of the MakerGear Prusa Mendel Reprap 3D Printer

[2012-7-30] We've joined the desktop manufacturing revolution with the addition of a Prusa Mendel Reprap 3D printer from MakerGear. This machine allows us to quickly make fully functional parts in ABS plastic for prototyping and short production runs. Our first offering is a replacement for an out-of-production window screen clip used in a townhouse complex. We look forward to using the printer to make parts for our robot prototypes and other devices.

Window screen clip 3D model and print

New Sensor Monitoring System

Graphical Summary of Grain Elevator and Conveyor

[2012-3-1] GLCC has developed the software for an industrial hazard monitoring system running on an embedded server and serving a rich client user interface. Designed to monitor explosive environments, it continuously scans a network of industrial sensors for alarm conditions. It can be used to shut down equipment and pinpoint the location and nature of a problem long before it could cause a potentially fatal accident.

Summary of Temperatures in a Grain Bin

This design uses a minimal Linux configuration on an Arm processor for the server and serves up a Java applet or application for the operator interface. Operators can monitor sensor values and diagnose alarms in real time, chart logged sensor readings, and reconfigure the system while it's running. The event driven architecture allows a single embedded processor to handle thousands of sensors while supporting multiple simultaneous operator interface sessions.

Graph of Grain Elevator Bearing Temperture Logs

For more information please contact Guy Lancaster.

New Web Interface For HVAC Controllers

Snapshot of HVAC Web interface

[2001-12-19] We're pleased to announce the completion of the first release of a Web based interface for HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning) controllers. Essentially the system displays in real-time a graphical model of the HVAC system's components including ducts, fans, dampers, and pumps, along with status readouts of temperatures and settings. The system allows operators to monitor and adjust HVAC systems using their Web browser.

The system could be adapted to controlling any type of industrial system or equipment. For more information please contact Guy Lancaster.


We're a group of independent computer consultants based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Our services focus on the development and support of embedded systems and distributed software solutions for business and industrial clients. Whether you want a stand-alone or network aware device, or a multi-user business information system we're ready to help with specific tasks or the entire project.

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